Put Sparkle in Your Smile

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Put Sparkle in Your Smile

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The following products are available for sale in our office:

  • Oral-B Triumph Power Brush by Braun
  • Oral-B Triumph FlossAction Brushhead 3-Pack*
  • Oral-B PowerPolisher Brushhead 3-Pack*
  • Oral-B Interspace Brushhead*
  • Oral-B Humming Bird Power Flosser & Pick by Braun
  • PerioMed fluoride rinse by Omnii
  • Control Rx fluoride toothpaste by Omnii
  • Heart Gems laser energized nutritional supplement by Gematria Products, Inc.

*Brushheads fit most rechargeable Oral-B Power Brushes

We are pleased to present the following lines of health, wellness and natural care products:

Dental Herb Company

Dental Herb ProductTooth & Gum Antiseptic Tonic

Far more than a mouth wash, this valuable oral rinse contains herbs and essential oils which have been used for centuries to maintain healthy tissues. For the first time, these botanical agents have been combined by a dental researcher into a stimulating and invigorating proprietary formula designed to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The dense concentration of pure high quality ingredients makes the Tonic a very cost-effective preparation; a small amount goes a long way. Using the Tonic and proper oral home care as a preventative, combined with regular professional maintenance, is far less costly than complicated corrective treatment.

The Tonic ( unlike many other products ) contains no artificial chemicals, flavourings, preservative, sweeteners, chemical poloxsamers or fractionated ingredients. The herbs we use are either certified organically produced or ecologically wild crafted.

Tooth & Gum Tooth Paste

This professional strength formula, freshens breath for hours. Made with Green Tea (a natural Fluoride source) but with no Lauryl Sulphate (foaming agent)


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